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Emily Parker-Bilbie

Project Director

Emily Parker-Bilbie is a maxillofacial designer, manufacturer, and university lecturer. She is passionate about communicating complex scientific knowledge in clearly communicated educational videos.


In her classes, Emily shares evidence-based techniques that allow us to apply state-of-the-art knowledge to improve our patients’ lives.

In addition to working in the commercial and academic sector, she has trained and coached professionals in custom medical device design to help them develop their computer-aided design and manufacturing skills in a methodical, up-to-date, regulatory-compliant way.


Dominic Eggbeer

Professor of Healthcare Applications

Professor Dominic Eggbeer is a senior researcher in the field of surgical implants and facial prosthesis at PDR, Cardiff Metropolitan University. 
Dom is committed to improving health and wellbeing through the development of advanced 3D digital design engineering technologies applied to the management of acute and chronic conditions.

He is also president of the ADT Foundation which aims to connect, educate and inspire all disciplines involved in developing the use of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck.

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